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Synthetic Grass and Rubber

Sporting Surfaces

Over the past 30 years, Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces has developed perfect sports synthetic grass solutions for a variety of popular Australian sports.  These surfaces require minimal maintenance yet provide maximum player comfort and enjoyment.  Expensive maintenance costs are greatly reduced as no mowing, weeding, rolling or watering is required.  Our artificial grass is extremely resistant to damage and offers a U.V. warranty. Not only do they assist in the playing performance of your team, but they also look good throughout the year too.

Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces | Golf Course


Synthetic grass provides a playable surface every day of the year without high maintenance costs. Everything you do on a natural turf green can be achieved on a synthetic surface, without the on-going upkeep.

  • No mowing, weeding, rolling or watering required
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Extremely resistant to wear and tear
  • Dries quickly after rain but playable even when wet
  • Immune to temperature extremes
  • Ideal for tee-off mats
  • Putting green

Our synthetic grass meets all your golf surfacing requirements whether it is for teaching, practicing at driving ranges, par three courses and mini-golf, or even for use in your own backyard.

With extensive surfacing experience, we install synthetic grass that can hold the ball upon impact and gives the golfer the desired response according to the selected approach shot.  We can design greens with the same contours as natural greens so that players can read the course as before.

Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces | Synthetic Grass Lawn Bowls


Providing a user-friendly, high-performance green is a basic requirement for any bowling club.  However, this inevitably means a great deal of time and money must be allocated to essential maintenance. Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces can provide you with a synthetic grass option that not only adds to the player enjoyment but looks good all year round while requiring minimal maintenance.

  • No mowing, weeding, rolling or watering
  • Less preparation needed before play
  • Minimises wear and tear on shoes and bowls
  • Available for play 365 days a year

Our extensive experience in surfacing means that we are able to install our synthetic grass on a 45-degree angle to enable more north-south and east-west bowling and avoid any seam interference.  Our porous engineered base and grass system ensure absolute evenness for the bowl and allow for rapid drainage after rain.  The result is a quick dry, play ready surface.

Synthetic grass can be installed to meet all necessary bowling standards and is manufactured to World Bowls Board Standards.

Synthetic Grass and Rubber | Synthetic Grass Cricket


Your complete cricketing package

With over 30 years' experience in providing cricketing solutions, we can offer a comprehensive service from the supply and installation of cricket wickets through to cricket pitch covers and even netting and enclosures designed just for your green.

Across Australia, cricketers from all grades of the game enjoy playing on our all weather, synthetic grass pitches.  Within minutes of even the heaviest rain, our artificial surfaces are ready to use.

Our range of Synthetic Grass is made specifically for use on all types of cricket pitches.  Our surfacing provides a consistent and true bounce every time and its durability means it can withstand the rigours of ongoing fast bowling.

Synthetic Grass and Rubber | Synthetic Grass Tennis


Synthetic grass combines the benefits of a low maintenance court with a high standard of playing performance.  The grass delivers superb playing characteristics giving an even bounce, great response to slice and spin shots and provides the perfect combination of grip and foot slide.

Again, there is no need for mowing, weeding or watering and your court is ready to play on 365 days a year regardless of the weather.

Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces can supply you with a variety of tennis products suitable for a backyard as well as a commercial court. We can also provide you with nets, posts and other equipment.

We have several grass qualities suitable for different levels of play so contact us and we can advise the correct product for your court.

Sports Other

Synthetic Grass Playing Surfaces

Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces has the ideal synthetic grass surfacing solution for many sports played in Australia including:-

  • Multi-purpose courts
  • Soccer
  • Futsal
  • Long jump
  • Hand ball
  • Triple jump
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
Synthetic Grass and Rubber | Synthetic Grass Volleyball
Synthetic Grass and Rubber | Synthetic Grass Multi-Purpose Court
Synthetic Grass and Rubber | Synthetic Grass Running Track
Synthetic Grass and Rubber | Soccer Field
Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour in front of Sydney City - Our Locations | Synthetic Grass and Rubber Surfaces

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