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Synthetic Grass and Rubber

Rubber Wetpour - Commercial Surfaces

Impact Absorbing Surfacing

Ideal for all weather conditions

Rubber wetpour is used for both indoor and outdoor applications and performs well in all weather conditions. Usually poured on-site, it can be applied to any gradient with a seamless finish.  Absorbing impact, it is slip resistant and reduces trip hazards. As a long-lasting rubber flooring surface, it is extremely resistant to wear and tear and damaged areas are easily repaired. UV stabilised, it is immune to temperature extremes and will continue to look good for many years.

An ideal surface for;

  • Walkways
  • Shop entrances and common areas
  • Rooftops and verandas
  • Gym floors and pool surrounds
  • Equestrian, parade rings, stables, horse transport vehicles.
  • Exercise tracks, wash-down areas

Equestrian Surfaces

Our long-lasting rubber surfaces provide a low maintenance option for all equestrian surfacing needs.  The floor is completely seamless, keeping bacteria and waste build-up to a minimum.

A rubber flooring is easy underfoot (hoof) for horses or other animals. It provides an exceptionally comfortable surface for horses in transport, or even for elderly, recovering, sick, or injured animals of all kinds.

The curl-up-at-the-edges black rubber mats are slippery, heavy, high-maintenance and no longer needed. For the wellbeing of your horse, provide them with a comfortable, non-slip surface on which they feel confident, calm, secure and relaxed.

We are a Local Government Approved Contractor.

Local Government Procurement | Approved Contractor
Synthetic Grass and Rubber | Rubber Wetpour Outdoor Fitness Station
Synthetic Grass and Rubber | Rubber Wetpour Horse float
Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour in front of Sydney City - Our Locations | Synthetic Grass and Rubber Surfaces

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