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Synthetic Grass and Rubber

Rubber Wetpour Products

We have a wide range of rubber wetpour products which are explained below. For additional information please refer to Rosehill TPV® Rubber and Rubber Wetpour Colour Range.

If you would like to talk all things rubber please contact one of our friendly staff or phone 02 9986 1133. We look forward to speaking to you about how our products can best suit your specific requirements and budget.

Rosehill TPV®

Created and patented by Rosehill Polymers, Rosehill TPV® is the next generation of colour consistent Rubber Wetpour. Manufactured in the UK, it is the Rolls Royce of safety surfacing and offers durability in suppleness, constant colour consistency as well as superior UV stability.  It comes in a range of 20 colours providing endless possibilities for creative design.   


EPDM Rubber granules are virgin manufactured products specifically designed for use in rubber wet pour safety surfacing. A huge colour range is available enabling you to create unique patterns and themes.  Make sure when selecting EPDM Rubber you choose a high quality product and know its' country of origin. Two variants are available: granules and shreds.  We offer different types of EPDM rubber, a few of the key ones we work with are; Melos (from Germany) and Ecolastic (from Industrial Organics). Please contact us for additional information on these different types.

Pre Coloured Recycled Rubber Wetpour

Another recycled rubber option is pre-coloured rubber. This consists of recycled rubber shreds or granules. Pre-coloured rubber granules are made of granulated tyre rubber; each piece of rubber is individually coated with coloured oxide and dried.  It is then mixed with polyurethane on-site. 

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