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Synthetic Grass and Rubber

Rubber Wetpour Care and Maintenance

Our rubber surfaces are used extensively in schools, child care centres and playground areas. They are non-toxic, anti-slip and offer a soft fall surface that complies with the Australian Standard ASNZ 4422:1996. 

To keep your rubber flooring looking as good as the day it was laid, a degree of routine maintenance is required to prevent issues in the future. Refer to our recommended care and maintenance below.

After Installation we Recommend the Following

  • Regular vacuuming or sweeping to remove any excess rubber granules and deter build-up of dust, dirt or grime.
  • A low-pressure water cleaner on the fan setting or broom can be used from time to time to clean dirt and debris -particularly in the Autumn months.
  • At least once a year the surface should be treated with an adequate moss killer (if applicable) or low sud detergent.
  • If moss has become established, dead spores should be removed by applying water pressure on a low fun setting. Then treat the area with a household grade algae/mould killer.
  • Any food or drink spilt should be cleaned up as quickly as possible using a mixture of warm water and a low sudsing detergent.
  • We highly recommend that you DO NOT use shovels, sharp implements, chemical cleaning machines, harsh detergents, petroleum, solvents, bleach or mechanical brushing cleaners as these can damage the surface.
  • NOTE: Try to avoid any long-term stagnate water at all costs. Stagnant water can lead to the buildup of algae or moss on the surface. Water parks should be drained from time to time and the surface cleaned to prevent the possible buildup of chlorine residue.
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